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The Three Musketeers

Peonias SAT

The story of Peonias SAT begins with the three musketeers: Jacob, Krijn, and Rijkent. They combined their knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise to start a brand-new company in Almansa, Spain. Their goal is to become the largest peony company in the world!

Peonias SAT

How it all started…

It all began when Krijn and Rijkent were looking for a new challenge in their lives. They got in touch with Wim Karsten, who they enjoyed hunting with. Wim’s son Jacob is a familiar face at My Peony with his nursery Paeon in Benningbroek. After discussions about a possible new company, the men began their search for a suitable location in 2020. They eventually found a piece of land of about 17 hectares in Almansa and started growing peonies. Rijkent, together with his wife Kirsten, who quit her job, moved to Spain to fully focus on the business. Krijn travels to Spain frequently and likes to take his family with him during vacations. Jacob visits the nursery regularly to give cultivation advice. Even Jacob’s parents, Wim and Marry, have helped and given advice. Jan Schipper, Kirsten’s son, now permanently lives in Spain and also works in the company along with two other permanent employees, Sergio and Ruben.

The art of learning

By asking, observing, and simply doing, Rijkent and Krijn have developed themselves and established a beautiful company. And they continue to learn every day. “It has become a way of life, it’s in your blood, you go to bed with it and wake up with it. It’s like drugs, you only want more and more when you’re in it, it makes you super excited and gives you energy!” says Rijkent. In 2021, an additional 67 hectares became available from their neighbor, and 33 hectares were planted, bringing the total to 50 hectares of peonies! In October 2023, another 5 hectares will be added. About 20 types of peonies are grown, and they are harvested in about five weeks beginning in early April. It’s all hands on deck then! They go through the fields about five to six times to cut the peonies at the right time. A world-class achievement!

Sustainability as a guiding principle

Sustainability and respect for the natural environment are highly valued at Peonias SAT. Water is scarce in the region, so they have installed an underground irrigation system to prevent evaporation and save 70% of the water. In addition, they consider the natural environment and have created a lake for wildlife, so they can get their drinking water there without having to walk through the fields. Their drive is infectious and inspires everyone around them. With passion and dedication, everyone works daily to produce the most beautiful peonies. They are determined to make Peonias SAT the largest peony company in the world. With their drive, expertise, and love for the profession, they have achieved a lot in a short time. And with the expansion of their nursery and the range of beautiful peony varieties, the possibilities for Peonias SAT are endless.

Peonias SAT
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