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John Kunis

The grower you can count on

John hates surprises in his work. It shows in the peonies he grows; all of a very consistent, high quality. These are beautiful peonies you can count on.

Love story

With great pleasure and craftsmanship John Knus grows peonies at his nursery in West Friesland. He took over the company from his father in 2000. At that time there was a hatchery, and the focus was on tuberous begonias and tulips. Through his neighbors, who grew peonies on a piece of rented land, John was introduced to the peony; the beginning of a love story! Nowadays, the tulip nursery and hatchery are still there, but since 2004 John has planted more peonies year upon year.

Impressive assortment

Currently, the nursery covers about 20 hectares of land, on which you will find various species; Sarah Bernhardt, Carl Rosenfeld, Kansas, Shirley Temple, Alertie, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Duchesse de Nemours, Coral Sunset, and Gardenia. A fantastic selection, including the popular and the exclusive. This year Angel Cheeks and Red Sarah Bernhardt has been planted; expect them to be available in a year or two.

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