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Two brothers are building a peony powerhouse in Wijdenes, combining a construction company with a great growery.

Family business

Divine Peonies, in Wijdenes, North Holland, is a true family business, ran by two brothers Leon and Dennis. Together they also own a construction company, but five years ago they became interested in growing peonies. It ended up being more than just an idea: for over four years, Divine Peonies has been growing brilliant, exclusive peonies. Leon and Dennis have had a little help, though: as with every family business, absolutely everyone in the family helps out.

Exclusive peonies

Divine Peonies grows exclusive varieties such as Bridal Shower, Moon over Barrington, Bowl of Cream, Snow Mountain, Nick Shaylor and – new in the collection – Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Avis Varner. The 800,000 stems delivered by Dennis and Leon prove that peonies are more than just a hobby for these two. Despite these troublesome Corona times, Divine Peonies has had a great season. And when the brothers continue this trend, we expect to see many more fantastic peonies from Wijdenes.

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