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Co Knol Pioenrozen

Experienced craftsman

Co has been growing peonies for more than twenty years. Yes, the craft holds few secrets for this experienced grower. In 1997, Co started out as a foreman at a nursery in Andijk, where he developed a passion for the profession.


Co Knol, experienced craftsman

“Peonies touch you”
The diversity of colours, varieties and shapes – peonies struck a chord in Co. He now shares his passion with the rest of the world by bringing healthy, perfectly cut flowers on the market. On the side as a hobby at first, but since 2014 professionally at his own nursery where he can carry out his vision on peony cultivation. In addition to his work at the nursey, Co also freelances so he can share his expertise in cutting, harvesting and bunching peonies.

“Peonies – with their diversity of colours and forms – are fantastic flowers, very special to cultivate, and the future is looking bright for us. To be successful, it’s important that our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.”

Peony season
The nursery is currently one hectare in size, but is expanding to one an and half in the coming years. The peonies are cultivated on quality soil containing sabulous clay with 20% lutum; a part is cultivated in tunnels and another part is cultivated under foil. Peonies can be harvested earlier because of this, which lengthens the season for Co.

By hand
Co doesn’t want heavy machinery on his land, so he does everything by hand; from preparing the tunnels to the harvesting of peonies. In this way, he protects the structure of the soil which lets him grow perfect peonies on perfect land.


Co Knol

The assortment
Co cultivates nine different kinds of varieties: Sarah Bernhardt, Duchesse de Nemours, Alertie, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Cytherea, Angel Cheeks, Sunny Girl, Madame Claude Tain and Belgravia. This year about 140.000 stems are being harvested and that number is expected to rise to 250.000. All peonies are personally cut by Co, which enables him to guarantee that his peonies are of the highest quality possible.

Expert level
Cultivating peonies at such an expert level is a gift that few people possess. We at My Peony Society are extremely proud to be in business with Co Knol!

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