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A beautiful home

The Lutkedijk, located in the village of Obdam, may well be one the most beautiful spots of the Netherlands; peony fields filled with beautiful colours as far as the eye can see, an idyllic dyke and mills turning lazily in the wind. It’s also the home of Borst Flowers, a peony nursery owned by Willem Borst and his son Joost.

Strict quality control

Willen and Joost founded their company in 2008. They specialize in breeding new peony varieties of the highest quality possible. The peonies are cultivated on five hectares; in greenhouses as well as on the open field, which makes it possible for peony production to continue all season. The more classic varieties are grown in greenhouses, while new and experimental breeds are all cultivated outside. Those new breeds have to satisfy their strict requirements before they are released to the world though. They have to open up easily, have long and strong stems and – of course – look wonderful in the vase.

Wim and Joost Borst with a trolley peonies

The assortment

Borst Flowers cultivates the following varieties: Bridal Shower, Class Act, Dynasty, Ivory Victory, Christmas Velvet, Old Faithful, Angel Cheeks, Dr. Alexander Fleming en Gardenia.


In order to get the most out of the cuttings and flowers, Willen and Joost only harvest three-year-old peonies. This means that every stem that leaves the nursey is a first cut and therefore have a particular heavy-duty quality. Only the thickest stems are cut, which enables the plants to use the remainder of their strength to toughen up their roots.

Perfect product

The peonies are hand-bunched by Joost and Willem after harvest. Every peony that passes through their hands is carefully checked and any deviation is unacceptable. Shipping the most perfect peonies possible is priority number one at Borst Flowers.

A real asset

Borst Flowers is an exceptional peony nursery that delivers a fantastic product of extraordinary quality. An asset to the profession and My Peony Society in our most humble opinion!

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