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Bert Neefjes

The renovator

The farm of the Neefjes family is located in Wervershoof in North Holland, a tiny village next to the IJsselmeer. Newly renovated by Bert Neefjes himself, it’s modernized and ready for a bright future. If it’s up to Bert, that future includes the best peonies you’ve ever seen.


The Neefjes farm has a rich history; 100 years ago the family grew potatoes, carrots and beets. Around 1910 tulips were introduced, and in 1986 the first peonies were grown. Initially just a quarter hectare, but as of writing three hectares are filled to the brim with colourful peonies. Like many breeders, Bert was struck with the peony virus. And there’s no cure in sight.

Family business

Neefjes’ growery is still a true family business. Bert works with his wife Marie-José. His 82-year old dad also works in the growery.


For Bert Neefjes the quality of the product is the key: “Everything about it has to be right.” He believes quality is more important than volume. So expanding his production is not the end goal: creating a better product is. Since 2018 Neefjes is joined by his associate Kees Cee. Together they are relentlessly working towards a higher segment; growing top-notch peonies with care and attention to detail.


His flowers are explosions of colour, each and every one a beautiful specimen. The varieties he grows include Old Faithful, Etched Salmon, Bowl of Cream, Mary Nicholls, Dinner Plate, Snow Mountain, Paula Wild, Elsa Sass, Mistress and Festiva Maxima.

Next season

Anyone traveling through Wervershoof, visiting Neefjes’ farm, will be enchanted by so many peonies. We can’t wait to see what will come off the field next season.

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