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They're back, peonies!

Bloom guarantee

Finally, the peony season of 2023 has started! At My Peony Society, we are always excited about this time of the year. Peonies are our passion, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy them to the fullest, we, a consortium of growers, traders, and florists, choose to collaborate. This guarantees the fastest route to the vase and enables us to offer our unique ‘bloom guarantee’.

Cutting the Perfect Peonies

We have received the first peonies from our growers in France! It is always an exciting moment because the weather has a significant influence on the growth of peonies. Too much sun can cause the flowers to open too quickly, while too much rain can lead to rotting flower buds. The moment of cutting is crucial for maintaining the quality of the peonies. Cutting too early means that the flowers are not fully developed and are too raw, while cutting too late can lead to overripe peonies. At My Peony Society, we stand for quality and guarantee our customers the best peonies by cutting them at the right moment. Our growers are experts in peony cultivation and have a keen eye for the perfect cutting time. In the coming weeks, we will also be receiving peonies from Spain, Italy, and of course, finally from the Netherlands. Get to know our growers here.

What a Selection!

Which peonies can you expect? Our growers in France cultivate a beautiful assortment of peonies, including: Coral Sunset, Coral Charm, Pink Hawaaian Coral, Odile, and Command Performance. Check the availability on the calendar.

My Peony Society unites the best peony growers in the world: perfectionists who strive for the highest quality peonies. Nothing is as beautiful as growing the most beautiful peonies! We are looking forward to a great season full of gorgeous peonies.

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