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Planting the perfect peony

Plant your own peonies? You can! In this article, you find what care your peonies need to enjoy them for years to come.

Create the perfect conditions

Provide the perfect conditions and you will grow the most beautiful peonies yourself.

Getting started with planting

Found the best spot? Then you can start planting. This is how:

A peony can also grow in a pot, make sure that the soil remains moist and that the pot is large enough.

Fun every year

Peony plants can get old: flowering may decline after about 20 years! Every year peonies go through the same life cycle, which consists of three phases: plant growth, flower growth and the resting phase. In the resting phase, the part of the plant above the ground dies. The resting phase takes place in autumn. This is therefore the best time to plant a peony.

In the first year, a peony does not give flowers yet: these can be seen in the second year. You will be rewarded for your patience: every year the flowers of the peony become more beautiful. The older the plant is, the better the quality of the flowers will be.

Why does my planted peony not bloom

This can have various causes, we have listed a number of common ones.

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