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Van der Wouw Snijheesters

Nature lover

When you think of the beautiful products produced by Van der Wouw Snijheesters, you think of Herman van der Wouw. A true lover of all things nature who cultivates the most beautiful flowers with help of a heavy dose of love, experience and respect. This nursery is praised for its rose hips and peonies of exceptional quality.

Growing Coral Charm peonies in the tunnel

The assortment

The assortment of Van der Wouw Snijheesters consists of Coral Charm, Coral Sunset and Duchesse de Nemours; all lovely varieties that will immediately seduce you with their charms. The nursery is located in the south of the Netherlands and the peonies are cultivated both in tunnel greenhouses and outside on the open land, which allows Van der Wouw to harvest very early in peony season.

Love for nature

When you walk on the fields with Herman, you immediately understand how having a love for nature leads to beautiful flowers; it’s all connected.

We are very proud of the fact that Van de Wouw Snijheesters and My Peony Society are in business together, to share knowledge, expertise and our mutual love for peonies.

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Grown by Van der Wouw Snijheesters