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Triflor New Zealand

International approach

The peonies of Triflor can be found all around the globe; the company owns nurseries in both France and New Zealand. Triflor has more than fifty years of experience in the trading of tulips and specializes in breeding, cultivating and export. They started cultivating peonies in 2010, with at least as much passion and enthusiasm.

Season in reverse

My Peony Society is mainly entrusted with the sale of peonies from Triflor New Zealand; Ruud Verplancke handles day-to-day operations. His staff can work all year round now tulips and peonies are grown at both nurseries. The peonies that are shipped from New Zealand are most welcome; because New Zealand is located on the other side of the world, peony season over there is reversed. Harvesting is done from November till January.


The fieldworkers of Triflor New Zealand

Modern technology
Peonies cultivated in New Zealand are extra large; that’s because the intensity of sunlight in New Zealand is higher than anywhere else in the world. Modern conservation techniques like Ultra Low Oxygen are used to keep the peonies on the market until the end of February.

The Assortment
Right now, the assortment consists of Duchesse de Nemours, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Sarah Bernhardt, Jules Elie, Red Sarah Bernhardt and Kansas. There is a good possibility that more varieties will be added in the future if price development is good.

There’s a lot of specialized expertise in New Zealand; growers and traders work together to ship the best possible product they can. We are very proud of the collaboration between Triflor and My Peony Society. A world-class collaboration if you ask us!

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