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Stavenuiter Snijheesters

Experience and innovation in West Friesland

At Stavenuiter Snijheesters, the whole family is involved in the company. Father Ton, mother Miep and sons Rob and Jeroen Stavenuiter all work together to cultivate the most beautiful peonies. The older generation has heaps of experience, the new generation is brimming with innovative ideas and passion for the product.

Big white peonies fresh from the grower

Cradle of peonies

The nursery of Stavenuiter is located in the beautiful village of Andijk, West Friesland, the cradle of peonies. In this northern region, peonies are harvested a bit later in the season. All peonies at Stavenuiter Snijheesters are cultivated in the open field, both outside and in tunnels. Peonies aren’t the only plants that are cultivated at this nursery; symphoricarpos, rose hip, smoketree, salix, chestnut blossom and viburnum opulus roseum are also grown at Stavenuiter.

Pink Sarah Bernhardt peonies Fresh from the grower

Trademark cut

On this nursery, about twelve peony varieties are cultivated, including Red Charm, Red Sarah Bernhardt, Karl Rosenfield, Sarah Bernhardt, Jan van Leeuwen, Dinner Plate, Elsa Sass, Pink Giant, Angel Cheeks and Lady Anna. Stavenuiter Snijheesters distinguishes itself by producing products of exceptional quality and uniformity; all peonies are harvested and sorted by the family themselves. Stems of substandard quality are not getting through at this nursery! Stavenuiter has a trademark way of cutting his peonies. Rob: “There’s still too much early cutting in my opinion; what a waste of flowers! That’s why I hope our way of cutting will continue to be appreciated.”

Flowers and bees


Stavenuiter purposefully cultivates peonies that are hard to grow and have to be cut several times a day. Rob knows that not every grower is cut out for that. But the Stavenuiter family is the genuine article; their beautiful peonies are proof of that. A nursery to be proud of. Welcome to My Peony Society!

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