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Leon de Witte

Under the Zeeland sky

In the province of Zeeland we find the summer flower nursery of Leon de Witte, where seasonal flowers are cultivated all year round. In spring, Leon cultivates ranunculus in greenhouses and in summer his fields are filled with sunflowers.

Paeonia Shirley-Temple

Out on the fields

But the most beautiful flowers that are growing in those sun-drenched fields? Peonies, of course! Leon used to cultivate his peonies both in greenhouses and on the fields but has moved exclusively to outdoor cultivation for optimal results. A wise choice, as his Sarah Bernhardts are truly gorgeous. Thanks to this transition and further area expansions, Leon is able to cultivate seven different peony varieties on about six hectares of land and can harvest more than 600.000 peonies a year.

The assortment

The assortment consists of Sarah Bernhardt, Flame, Shirley Temple, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Angel Cheeks and Coral Sunset. Fun fact: the Flames cultivated by Leon de Witte are the first field-grown Dutch peonies on the market in nine out of ten seasons! Flame is followed by Coral Sunset, Shirley Temple, Dr. Alexander Fleming and Sarah Bernhardt (in that specific order). In warmer years, those last two varieties sometimes have to be harvested at the same time. That means you’ll have to get your head down if you want to harvest everything in time. And that’s no problem for the experienced Leon; he knows how to get things done!

Efficient and effective

Flowers that are cultivated on the Zeeland soil turn out big and strong, due to the amount of sunlight they get each day. Leon cultivates on long and narrow lanes, so he can oversee harvest more efficiently and let his labourers work more effectively. Only perfect stems are leaving this nursery!

Beautiful peonies

The nursery of Leon de Witte is a wonderful addition to My Peony Society, with those beautiful peonies that will make every florist and retailer very happy.

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