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Kwekerij Zwagerman

Heavy flowers from the north

Kwekerij Zwagerman is run by the brothers Zwagerman. The three brothers started out cultivating lily bulbs. At one point, they got curious about peonies and started cultivating them on the side. They enjoyed it so much that they decided to expand operations and become true peony experts.


At Zwagerman, they believe in craftsmanship and that’s evident in the work they deliver. Throughout peony season Kwekerij Zwagerman offer a wide variety of peonies both of excellent quality and deliverable in high quantities. The brothers are well able to meet rising demands without compromising on quality.

The far north

Because of the heavy clay soil, Peonies that are cultivated in Andijk have to work harder to grow, which in turn yields heavier flowers. Peony plants that grow this far up north also take longer to be ready for harvesting. The use of greenhouses, tunnels and good cooling facilities ensure that cultivation throughout the season is possible though. Peonies that are grown in greenhouses are harvested first, followed by the ones in tunnels and eventually the varieties that are grown on open fields.

The assortment

The breadth of the assortment is one of the strengths of this nursery. And beautiful varieties are still added to it on a regular basis. Kwekerij Zwagerman cultivates Command Performance, Florence Nicholls and Bridal Shower, but also older varieties such as Monsieur Jules Elie, Gardenia, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Coral Charm, Sarah Bernhardt and many more.



Another strength of the brothers Zwagerman is their ability to create synergy;  characteristics like working together, giving space, trusting each other and also validating that given trust are an important part of their DNA.

Heaps of experience

Zwagerman is a wonderful nursery with heaps of experience and an even bigger heap of love for their work. We’re convinced that they’ll create a lot of positive synergy here at My Peony Society.

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