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Kwekerij Vertelman

From the very beginning

When peonies were just up-and-coming, Chris – a successful lily grower – was immediately sold. He was one the first to jump on a plane to the United States to discover new varieties. He returned with Command Performance, Old Faithful and Etched Salmon, among others.

New varieties

In addition to the cultivation of cut flowers, Vertelman is also engaged in the breeding of new varieties. There’s a small garden right next to the nursery where new varieties are tested. When Chris discovers a promising new variety, he cuts and multiplies it. The varieties that are bred at this nursery partly determine the future of the peony.


Ready for the future

The majority of peony production is done in Andijk, where exclusive varieties are cultivated that are excepted to give the peony market a fresh impetus in the near future. Currently, Vertelman cultivates Amalia Olsen in greenhouses and Carnation Bouquet, Lady Ann, Sorbonne, Joker, Command Performance and Lorelei on open fields. Because Chris doesn’t want to be completely dependent on the market for exclusive peony varieties, he also cultivates a number of retail-friendly varieties in Poland, like Sarah Bernhardt, Dr. Alexander Fleming and Karl Rosenfield.



Chris has always fought for the quality of the product and pleaded to ban immature peonies from entering auctions. Today, he’s one of the most influential peony growers of the Netherlands and is usually at the forefront in matters such as trends, new varieties and diversion of production. His quality, ability to innovate and incredible passion for the peony make Kwekerij Vertelman a wonderful nursery, a strong business partner and a company that strengthens the peony business as a whole.

Vision and ambitions

We at My Peony Society believe in the vision and ambitions of Chris, and are very pleased to be working together with Kwekerij Vertelman!

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