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Kwekerij Thomas-Haenraets

Passion for peonies

Nursery Thomas-Haenraets was founded in 2003, after a merger between Alexander Thomas and Theo Haenraets. Both men grew up amongst the flowers and the plants and own an exceptional peony nursery.

Meet Alexander and Theo

Alexander hails from a family of skilled growers; the greenhouses at the nursery where built by his grandfather in 1968. His father continued the business, two stores in Brühl and Hürth-Fischenisch, and Alexander himself joined after his education. The Haenraets family has a history dating back to 1850 when they cultivated vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, corn and rhubarb. While studying, Theo already was working in the family business. In 2015, he took over the company after the passing of his father.

Pumpkins and peonies

Today, the nursery is one of the most important pumpkin suppliers in Germany. They have been cultivating peonies for a number of years now, in addition to their vegetable business. Every year, more beautiful varieties are cultivated; exclusive varieties such as Angel Cheeks, Florence Nicholls, Bowl of Cream and Coral Sunset. But popular varieties like Duchesse de Nemours and Sarah Bernhardt are also part of their assortment.


Nursery Thomas-Haenraets cultivate their peonies on about 10 hectares of land. Underfloor heating is being employed to bring harvest forward. After harvest, the peonies are packaged in wooden boxes, cooled with help of a vacuum cooler and transported to Benningbroek, where Paeon handles further processing.

Quality and quantity

The nursery can count on a dedicated team of loyal employees and the next generation of growers is eager to dip their toes in. Thomas-Haenraets is a wonderful company that distinguishes itself in both quality and quantity. A real asset to My Peony Society!

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