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Kwekerij de Kokmeeuw

The professional hobby grower

The nursery of Jan van Paridon, Kwekerij de Kokmeeuw, began as a hobby that got a bit out of hand. He started out cultivating bulbs and bulb flowers, but is currently taking the export business by storm.

Cultivating for fun

About 28 years ago, Jan started exporting flowers. Out of necessity originally, because the nursery was too small to be profitable if huge investments weren’t made and Jan didn’t want to commit to that. Jan and his father kept cultivating for fun though. He began to spend a lot of spare time in his gardens because he enjoyed cultivating so much. When he decided to take over the nursery of his neighbours, he couldn’t do it all by himself anymore and hired two employees to help him out.

Serious work

What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a serious nursery where fifteen varieties are cultivated, out on the land and inside tunnels and greenhouses. His growing methods enable him to put his peonies earlier and longer on the market.


Peonies that grow on the sandy soil of Noordwijkerhout have stems that are less heavy than those that grow in the upper regions of the Netherlands.  The roots grow longer, the stems are thinner, the plants grow with more force and develop more stems per metre. In addition, they have beautiful roots. Kwekerij de Kokmeeuw has a forward-looking assortment; you can feel the passion of the hobby grower in varieties like Blush Queen, Requiem, Bowl or Cream, Dinner Plate, Etched Salmon, Elsa Sass and The Fawn. They’ll always have a special place in Jan’s heart.

We are extremely pleased to be working together with Kwekerij de Kokmeeuw; Jan is a passionate peony lover and has a wonderful, professional nursery that delivers on quality and consistency!

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