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J.N.M. Knol

The elite grower from Nibbixwoud

Jan Knol doesn’t believe in machinery. He believes in “being one with nature” in order to get the very best out of his peonies. So he just sprinkles his six kinds of artificial fertilizer by hand, walking across the nursery giving his flowers exactly what they need. And when you are Jan Knol, that works. His flowers are near perfect, exactly as they should be. Fantastic examples of pure craftsmanship!

Attention to detail

On his daily walk of several kilometers, Jan sees every flower in his garden. It lets him adjust every tiny detail with a precise hand. The flowers are, naturally, hand-bunched. You won’t find any flowers that are too ripe or not ripe enough leave Jan Knol’s nursery. Attention to that level of detail is nigh impossible for larger nurseries, but for Jan Knol it is a requirement.

The collection

On 1.5 hectares of heavy clay Jan cultivates the following varieties: Claire de Lune, Miss America, Sarah Bernhardt, Red Sarah Bernhardt, Madame Claude Tain, Elsa Sass, Duchesse de Nemours, Dr. Alexander Fleming and Dinner Plate.

Magnificent harvest

Jan enjoys every day he spends with his flowers. His experience, but also his curiosity and continuous innovation, make him stand out as an elite grower. We are quite certain that our cooperation will yield a magnificent harvest!

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