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Holzäcker Hof

The grower who follows his heart

Holzäcker Hof is located in the southern German state of Bavaria, between Frankfurt Am Main and Nuremberg, in the town of Unterpleichfeld. The nursery of Sebastiaan Sauer and his father Edgar specialized in crops and produce, but one day Sebastian decided to follow his heart. And, you guessed it, that meant: peonies.

Modern nursery

Holzäcker Hof, a modern nursery, lets Sebastiaan follow his heart. Over 5 hectares of peonies account for half a million stems of the highest quality. Varieties like Shirley Temple, Kansas, Sarah Bernardt, Duchesse de Nemours, Coral Sunset, Red Charm, Mother’s Choice, Festiva Maxima and Bowl of Cream all grow here.

Early bloomer

The flowers grow particularly well thanks to the temperate climate in combination with the fertile German soil. Because of Holzäckers location, in the south of Germany, the peonies can be harvest early in the peony season. Modern technologies, from ground heating to tunnels, mean the first peonies can already be cut around week 17.



Attention to detail
Sebastiaan and his father are dedicated to their work. For example: peonies are often stored horizontally, but Sebastiaan makes a point of storing his peonies standing up, in custom trays. It helps keeping the flower in the best possible condition and shape. This eye for detail sets Sebastiaan apart from the competition. He works hard to cut the flowers at exactly the right moment, when they show color. His precise timing guarantees a blooming peony, while steering clear of peonies that blossom too early.

Match made in heaven
A grower with such passion and innovative ability is a great match for My Peony Society; we are very happy to work with Holzäcker Hof, boosting peony popularity all over the world.

Holzacker Hof
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