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De Grashoek

The curious peony researcher

The lovely village of Noordwijk, just behind the dunes. That’s where you can find De Grashoek, the peony nursery of Marcel Salman. Driven by an unrelenting curiosity, he produces the most beautiful and surprising peony varieties you can imagine.

Marcel Salman from. the Grashoek with his peonies

Early bird

De Grashoek started as an independent nursery in 2014 with a focus entirely on peonies. Cultivation is done on 8000 square metres and in a variety of ways: out on the open fields, in greenhouses, in tunnels and under acryl covers. This allows De Grashoek to ship early, at the start of peony season.

The assortment

The assortment includes varieties like Duchesse de Nemours, Henry Bockstoce, Pillow Talk, Dinner Plate and the super exclusive Sweet Sixteen. Every year, De Grashoek guarantees exceptional quality. Only the heaviest stems are cut, and only when the peonies are at the right stage of maturity. Marcel and his family perform one final check during the sorting and bunching process. And it shows in the results; the peonies of De Grashoek are of the highest class.


Pillow Talk Kwekerij De Grashoek

De Grashoek uses drip irrigation on their fields, which enables Marcel to accurately water and fertilize his plants directly at the root, without taxing the buds. Innovation is continual at De Grashoek, Marcel recently invested in new land and is always scouring the globe for special peony cuttings.

My Peony Society is very proud to be working together with De Grashoek and we can’t wait for the fantastic peonies this fine nursery will produce in the coming years.

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