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You’ll find Civitaflora, the peony nursery of the Barbarossa family, about an hour’s drive from Rome. Here, father Enzo and daughter Simona are busy perfecting the Italian Coral Charm.

Summer Coral Charm

Visitors to the nursery are greeted by fields of Coral Charm, radiant pink in the bright Italian sun. Heavy, fertile soil and abundant light combine into the ideal environment for this summery flower.


Simona Civitaflora

Father and daughter

Not many can grow Corals as beautiful as the Barbarossa family, and that’s a big compliment. The passion for flowers is in Enzo’s blood. Years ago, when lilies were popular in Italy, the Barbarossa family was one of the most prominent growers under Enzo’s masterful leadership. But when peonies stole the limelight, Enzo committed to them with just as much love and passion. Because of his drive and the commercial talents of his daughter Simona, there are already plans to expand.


From outdoor to greenhouse cultivation, there’s no stopping Barbarossa. His expertise and passion for peonies make him one of the most valuable growers, always innovating and pushing the boundaries of the entire craft in Italy and beyond. We’re happy to see peony cultivation taking big steps, so consider us Barbarossa superfans.

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