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Peonies by the sea

On the narrowest part of Goeree-Overflakkee, the Biemond family grows the most beautiful, largest peonies. The secret? A unique location and solid craftsmanship.

Unique location

Bart (22), Martijn (23) and Boudewijn Biemond (54) have a (partially organic) arable farm on the island of Goeree Overflakkee. Martijn: “The farm is in a unique location, on the narrowest part of the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. Within a radius of 3 kilometers you will find the Haringvliet, De Grevelingen and the North Sea.”

Growing peonies

After finishing their agricultural studies, Bart and Martijn came home to work in the family business. Soon, the first peonies were planted. Martijn: “We searched for new crops to plant, and came upon the peony: a beautiful product that fits well within our company, and that benefits greatly from our knowledge and skill.”


Martijn: “Growing the best peonies starts with the basis; the soil type. The light, sandy soil of our island is very fertile and therefore very suitable for growing peonies. We do everything we can to keep the soil in great shape, always in a sustainable way. We use organic fertilizer, hoping to continue to grow fantastic peonies here in the future.”



Optimal conditions

Bart: “During the growing season we provide optimal conditions for our peonies. We’re always on the lookout for ways to take even better care of them. This process of optimization takes a lot of time and energy, but it results in extremely beautiful, big peonies. And that is well worth it!”


Currently, the following varieties are grown: Sarah Bernhardt, Gardenia, Alertie, Duchesse de Nemours, Dinner Plate, Coral Sunset, Jacorma, Birthday and Red Charm. Bart and Martijn are also testing over 30 varieties, to find which ones they want to plant in the future.


Thanks to its unique location, Biemond can harvest early in the season. The nearby sea makes for warmer winters, and island gets plenty of sun. Most of the time, Boudewijn, Bart and Martijn manage the affairs of the nursery. During harvests, the whole family helps out.

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